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So you have a cell phone.  Chances are it’s a smart phone.  But, is it a company phone?  I have one.  I say all the time that if I didn’t have a company cell phone then I probably wouldn’t have a cell phone at all because I enjoyed the days when no one could find me.  That’s probably a little unrealistic in 2012 but I still like the idea. 


Even if your phone is not a “work” phone, it’s on you all the time.  Work can FIND you.  And they will.  In the UK, New research shows that after working a 9 to 10 hour work day people still check emails and answer work-related calls after hours.  I’m sure the same can be said for the American worker as well.  The study shows that being plugged in all the time can add an extra two hours of work a day.

Are you tied to your work through your smart phone or are you off-limits when the work day is done?  Comment on facebook.