Have you seen the commercial about the Niners fan whose team is finally back in the Superbowl so he finds his old house in order to sit on his old couch in exactly the same spot because it will help his team win?  Well this got me thinking about game day rituals. 

For football during the regular season there really isn’t a ritual in our house except that if Dad is fixing something, changing a diaper or some other ‘non-watching-football’ chore, it is the oldest boy’s duty to continuously update his father with the score.  He’s not forced to it’s just the way it is. 


Superbowl will be bigger. My oldest son and I are really the only football fans in the house.  My wife cheers for whatever team we’re not cheering for because she’s – well she’s like that.  My daughter, the oldest, is slowly coming around and the two youngest just like to run around and yell.  This Sunday will be a bonding day for my boy and I as our team, the 49ers, are back in the dance.  It’s actually my team but he wants to be like Dad and who am I to argue?


We will gather in the living room with chips and salsa, pizza and probably some sort of fruit drink or hot chocolate since my kids don’t drink soda.  There really will be no ritual per se, except that I will take it up the extra notch so that my boy and I won’t soon forget it.

What are your game day rituals?  Leave a comment on facebook.