They say we all have a twin somewhere in the world

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I met a smaller version of me today. His name is Dylan and his mom, Amy, had dressed him up as me for Career Day at the Circle of Friends daycare in Presque Isle.

I was made aware of this handsome young man (After all, he's supposed to look like me) by my son, Jon, who sent me a picture of Dylan while I was on the air this morning on 101-9 The Rock. Then, his mom, Amy, posted on my timeline after that. This was too cute!

Mom Amy had found a wig the color (sort of) of my hair. A little creative license may have been used here. He also had a sweater (which I wear quite often) and a name tag that said "Dick Palm" on it. 

His mom, Amy, works at a beauty school and this was sort of a project for her. She wanted to come up with something different for her son to go to Career Day to and she came up with the idea of a radio announcer. And guess who the lucky DJ was? That's right. This guy.

I was so honored and flattered that I had to go to his daycare and get a picture with him, uh ,me. BTW, Dylan is the more handsome one in the picture.