David Bowie's ongoing series of picture-disc reissues is set to continue on March 10, with a 40th-anniversary release of his landmark single 'Rebel Rebel.'

Issued in the wake of Bowie disbanding his Spiders From Mars, 'Rebel Rebel' kicked off the singles from his 'Diamond Dogs' LP, which was released on Feb. 15, 1974, with a nod to his glam-rock past; although 'Dogs' deviated from the path Bowie had carved out with the Spiders, 'Rebel Rebel' served as a sort of farewell to that sound. Clearly, Bowie tired of glam before his fans did -- the single rose to No. 5 in the U.K. and cracked the Hot 100 in the U.S., where it peaked at No. 64.

'Rebel Rebel' received a pair of mixes for its single release, and both are featured in the upcoming 7" picture-disc reissue. According to Bowie's official site, the A-side will include "the original single mix of 'Rebel Rebel,' which hasn't been available on 7" since the early '80s and sadly remains unavailable on CD to this day," while the flip side will feature the U.S. mix, which featured extra overdubs and additional backing vocals -- and hinted at the direction Bowie would head with the song's live arrangement when he headed out on tour in 1974.

The 'Rebel Rebel' reissue comes on the heels of several 7" Bowie discs, including his recent 'Valentine's Day' single and 40th-anniversary editions of 'Life on Mars' and 'Sorrow.' According to Bowie's site, the pictures on the 'Rebel Rebel' disc were taken in early 1974, when he was in Amsterdam promoting the single and recording the video for the Dutch 'Top Pop' television program.