A driver apparently falling asleep is believed to be the cause of a two-vehicle crash in Blaine.

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. Monday, Chief Deputy Sheriff Shawn Gillen was driving south on US Route 1 in Blaine when he came upon a man lying on the side of the road beside a silver Ford truck. A maroon Nissan Sentra was directly behind the truck. The Nissan had significant front-end damage, and there was smoke coming from that vehicle.

Gillen stopped and checked on the man, who was responsive, but reported being in pain.  Gillen then went to the sedan and could see a woman in the driver’s seat. She appeared to be unconscious, but it was difficult to tell because of a combination of smoke and steam from the engine compartment and powder from the airbag deployment.

Gillen was initially unable to open the driver’s door, because it was jammed. He got in through the back of the vehicle, took off the driver’s seatbelt and was eventually able to force open the driver’s door and take her from the vehicle fearing it could to burst into flames.

Both victims were transported to TAMC where they were treated and later released. State Police Lt. Brian Harris and Trooper Andrew Levesque also responded and provided assistance both at the crash scene and at the hospital.

The investigation determined that the driver of the sedan, 22-year-old Carlie Woodworth of Houlton, had driven her vehicle into the back of the pickup while they were both traveling north on US Route 1. The truck was being operated by 50-year-old Michael Rideout of Bangor. The damage to the truck, which is owned by the U.S. Government appears to be minimal, while Woodworth’s vehicle is likely to be a total loss. Rideout and Woodworth were both alone in their vehicles at the time, and it is believed that Woodworth fell asleep, causing to the crash.