What is dialysis? Well, according to the National Kidney Foundation, dialysis is a treatment that does some of the things done by healthy kidneys. It is needed when your own kidneys can no longer take care of your body's needs.

Patients who are diagnosed with kidney disease face life-long treatment. It affects not only the patient, but the families and friends of the patient. It takes a toll on person. Often times they have to travel, then treatment for dialysis happens three or four times per week, depending on the patient.

The time needed for your dialysis depends on:

  • how well your kidneys work
  • how much fluid weight you gain between treatments
  • how much waste you have in your body
  • how big you are
  • the type of artificial kidney used

Usually, each hemodialysis treatment lasts about four hours and is done three times per week.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The County Dialysis Center here in Presque Isle is in some serious need to replace some outdated and antiquated equipment, and you can help through raising funds through Power to the Pedal. Power to the Pedal is a race in place for County Dialysis Center that will take place outside County Physical Therapy in Presque Isle on Friday, May 29th!

I had a chance to sit down and speak with several dialysis patients. Have listen to what they had to say.

The need is great, folks! And you can help! Make a donation today! Go online to PowertothePedal.org, stop by the County Dialysis Center or call 769-6600 to find out more! But please, do it today!

You don't even have to form a team if you don't want to. Do something fun and creative in your own way to raise funds! All proceeds stay right here in the County!