The City of Caribou is pleased to announce they will be hosting the 2017 Caribou Races with Cary Medical Center and Pines Health Services signing up as its Platinum sponsors.

Caribou is still wrapping their minds around the success of the 2016 Caribou Marathon. With 450 athletes, their friends, families, over 200 volunteers, 60+ corporate sponsors, and endless support from the community, the event was a huge hit in the County.

The Caribou Marathon, with a USATF Certified Course- meaning one is eligible to qualify for the Boston Marathon, will be held on Sunday, September 17th, 2017.  The marathon is the city’s largest event and one of the largest events in Aroostook County, said Lydia Kieffer-Till who is organizing the event for the city.

We have many running enthusiasts here in Caribou and throughout the County.  Last year we had athletes from across the state, out of state and from 4 different Canadian provinces.

“We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and excitement that was portrayed by the 2016 event, and we’re enthusiastic about what is yet to come,” said Kieffer-Till who is the Marketing and Events Coordinator for the City. We are very grateful for the sponsorship of Cary Medical Center and Pines Health Services, who have taken a leadership position for the event.”

The City of Caribou recently presented a $5,000 check to Camp Adventure, the main beneficiary of the 2016 Caribou Marathon. The platinum sponsor directs Camp Adventure, a summer camp for children ages 12 – 17 with type 1 Diabetes. A number of Cary Medical Center and Pines Health Services employees volunteer and work at the summer camp, helping to educate and encourage the kids to live healthy, active lifestyles.

The Caribou Races will feature a number of events including a Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon relay, Half Marathon Relay, Handcycle Marathon, Pushrim Marathon and Caribou Kids Marathon.  According to Kieffer-Till, a number of runners have already registered for the 2017 Caribou Races.  Registration is open and can be done on line at