Robbing Peter to pay Paul’s taxes has been a part of creative American finance since the Civil War. However, now it seems that the Canadians have borrowed a chapter right out of the proverbial book of American debt, as the Canada Revenue Agency announced today that Canadian citizens will now be able to make income tax payments using credit cards.

Representatives from the CRA say they recently collaborated with Boston, Massachusetts based online payment provider Plastiq, Inc. to provide Canadians with a convenient and secure payment alternative to use for their personal income taxes.

"Many Canadians are very savvy with their credit card use, balancing a number of preferred cards to ensure their rewards are maximized," said Eliot Buchanan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plastiq. "With Plastiq, a credit card is now a viable option to pay personal income tax, providing consumers with new choices and flexibility to strategically manage payments while capitalizing on the rewards offered by their credit card provider."

Buchanan adds that Plastiq now gives those Canadians armed with an internet-enabled device the freedom to make large payments anywhere in the world using their MasterCard, Visa or American Express card at places that traditionally only accepted cash or debit transactions.

We want to know - how will this new tax payment platform help those of you currently residing in New Brunswick?