We’ve heard of making a horse’s rear out of someone before, but never like this.

Over the weekend, Canadian authorities were forced to give an Ontario man a ticket after they say he somehow managed to cram 54 passengers into a horse trailer in order to take them to a local rodeo.

"It was like that old Volkswagen Beetle thing, with one (clown) in the glove box," said Const. Kees Wijnands of the Ontario Provincial Police. "It was kind of comical, but this is of course a disaster waiting to happen."

Police say they spotted the twisted affair on Saturday when an officer decided to pull over a truck because it was pulling a horse trailer that “appeared to have people inside of it.”

"The officer thought there was something weird...all he could see was little fingers and heads at the top," said Wijnands.

When police had the driver open the door to the trailer, they watched 54 people that had been packed so tightly together that couldn’t even move, stumble out vehicle. The passengers were on their way to a rodeo and dance in Milverton, according to the driver.

Incidentally, the driver was issued a ticket for $110. No word if he or any of the passengers ever made it to the rodeo.