In an attempt to promote cross-border moose lovin’, a former diplomat has taken it upon himself to donate 316 hectares of land, located along the Novia Scotia-New Brunswick border, to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

That’s right – the conservation organization intends to utilize the land to help moose get their groove on. The program is called the Moose Sex Project, and the hopes are that by giving these beasts some private land for the sole purpose of getting into the baby making business, that they can replenish diminishing populations.

According to former Canadian ambassador Derek Burney, all he could do was smile when he fist heard of a project dedicated to helping moose have sex.

“I’m not an expert on moose sex or moose anything, but I think the understanding is that if they can preserve the corridor with things like this ... then I think there’s a good chance the Nova Scotia population will be replenished,” he said.

And while the thought of land sectioned off for moose sex is humorous, to say the least, the NCC’s goal to protect the wildlife across Novia Scotia and New Brunswick is very serious. Representatives from the organization say that the sex lands on the Chignecto Isthmus is crucial to the program because it serves as the only route where moose can roam to and from Novia Scotia.

Moose are an endangered species along the mainland of Nova Scotia.

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