Budweiser always does a great job of evoking emotions with their commercials. This time around, it's a special message to encourage planning ahead so you don't drink and drive. And it definitely touches your heart, especially if you're a dog lover!

There are no Clydesdales in this ad, just a very cute and loveable dog who's waiting for his owner to come home. I fell in love with the dog. And then got sucked right into his long, sad face when his owner wasn't coming home.

But the best part of this commercial is the message. Take the time, before you go out, to figure out what happens at the end of the fun. Take money and a phone number for a cab, designate a driver who doesn't even have one drink during the evening, or if you're drinking at a friend's house, arrange to stay the night. There are people (and possibly animals!) who really want to see you again! Don't drink and drive.