After all these years, a person could be forgiven for thinking there isn't a new angle from which to approach a book or film about Bruce Springsteen's music and career. But they'd be wrong, as the new documentary 'Springsteen & I' proves.

Produced by filmmaker Ridley Scott, whose directorial efforts include 'Alien' and 'Blade Runner,' the movie promises "a motion picture event created for the fans, by the fans" that "includes Springsteen's most loved songs and unseen legendary performances throughout his career" -- all compiled and released with Springsteen's full support. You can watch the trailer above.

As the 'Springsteen & I' press release puts it, "Behind the songs are remarkable stories about the fans who lived by them. Now audiences everywhere can discover how the sound of Bruce Springsteen became the soundtrack to so many lives."

Scott, who recently produced the similarly crowd-sourced 'Life in a Day,' added, "This beautifully crafted film provides a unique insight into the powerful bond between a recording artist and those who connect so profoundly with his music."

'Springsteen & I' will make its theatrical debut during a special engagement on July 22. Starting June 4, the film's website will offer screening locations and ticket pre-order information. In the meantime, fans can enter to win a spot on the movie's poster by submitting a picture of themselves with their first Springsteen album.