Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year.  It doesn't matter though because some British womens' group doesn't want me to write you anymore.  No kidding, read on.  It seems to be a fact of life now.  I love the Christmas season but it comes earlier and earlier every year.  The over-commercialization puts added pressure, especially on parents as we try to make our children’s holiday as memorable as possible.

There is a charity in Britain, the “Britain’s Mothers’ Union,” that is trying to do away with the traditional letter to Santa Claus.  They say it stresses parents out as they try to create the largest-possible present pile for their kids to wake up to Christmas morning, citing research that shows 46% of parents have taken out loans or landed in financial trouble because of it.


I think opening our children up to rejection early can be a good thing.  It fosters a realistic view of the world where everything may not always go their way.  There’s nothing wrong with checking off two items on their list and then buying them socks and underwear.  That way they’re not completely disappointed.


So I say let them write their Christmas lists and instead of playing “Jingle Bells” on Christmas morning put the Rolling Stones on repeat. There’s nothing like waking up to, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

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