I've done the Black Friday thing twice in my life.  The first time was out of curiosity and the second was out of a firm faith in humanity.  Both times I came back with a couple of deals, but more importantly an emptiness and some would say a bad attitude.  I've never done it again.

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Black Friday is consumerism on steroids.  The season is not about 'buying' gifts for people, it's about 'giving' gifts TO people.  A majority of the most appreciated gifts by the way, don't plug in.  The gift of kindness is one that we should give every day, right?  Well on Black Friday, there is so much rush to 'get' a deal that kindness takes a backseat.

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The whole name of the event, 'Black' Friday, gives it an ominous feel.  This is truly the night of the zombies.  They will rip at your flesh to get that last Xbox.  There is a website that actually tracks the violence during Black Friday.  At first I found it humorous but it's quickly turned to sadness because it shows what we've become. 


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