If you've been through Presque Isle at all lately, you may have noticed the many snow sculptures in the area.  The reason being that the community was challenged to make creative snow sculptures with an international flair as part of the 2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships. The winner would take home a $500 grand prize!

The Biathlon has brought elite athletes from over the world to the region, and eight community businesses, organizations and even families met the contest challenge head on. Many went above and beyond in the spirit creating a welcoming atmosphere for The County’s international guests with multicultural snowmen and snow sculptures.

While judges from four of the five lead partners of the Biathlon found all entries impressive in various ways, it was the Galipeau family of Presque Isle whose submission rose to the top in all three of the designated judging criteria: creativity, quality, and the inclusion of a multicultural theme.


As the scores were tallied, it was quickly evident that the Galipeau family’s entry titled “Skiers” would be awarded the grand prize. Second place was awarded to Presque Isle Housing Authority for a giant recreation of the earth adorned with international flags. Katahdin Trust Company took third place for its patriotic snowman outside its Presque Isle location, but elected to pass it down to the fourth place entry, the Ellis family’s “Snowman with a Globe Head.”

Spent .22 Casings from Biathlons Leads to Aroostook County Business Venture