This is the time of year you might encounter bees who are busy setting up shop. Check out how they buzz a drone and invade a car! Here's what to do - especially if you have a big problem.

Here in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick, bees are a good thing. We have some of the best bee keepers in the world to help them prosper.

What happens when you encounter a hive in nature? Bees can swarm - and sting you if you rile them up. Check out this video of a drone being swarmed by a bunch of bees - pretty cool footage.

The drone is probably going to be OK. Now, what happens when you walk out to your car and bees have made a hive? That's what happened to this person.

If you have a beehive issue, be careful. There are ways to do it yourself and get rid of the nuisance. Just don't create a bigger problem than you started with.