David Hale Sylvester lost a good friend in the Twin Towers collapse in September 2001.  Since then, he has adopted a mission to enhance the world one hug, high five and interaction at a time.


He has bicycled across North America, Asia, Africa and Australia to spread his message of positivity.  And just this summer, he visited San Bernardino, OKC, Chicago, the RNC, the DNC and Orlando.

Sylvester truly believes he can change the world one hug or high five at a time.  Known as “Big Dave” to his friends, he has discovered through his global travels and challenges that “within each embrace lies a nourishing kernel of happiness, will, warmth, understanding and wisdom.  And it is the global exchange of these kernels that fuel his steps forward to volunteer at hospitals, shelters, schools and other charities around the world. “

When he read about Presque Isle being the epicenter of anxiety, he reached out to City Manager Martin Puckett.  So, while he is probably somewhere hugging or high-fiving someone right now, he will be here in Presque Isle to do the same on September 12 and 13.  While in town to give a talk as UMPI’s first Distinguished Lecturer of the year, this award-winning author and film-maker will make a stop at the Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library on Monday, September 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to greet the public, talk about his best-selling book Traveling at the Speed of Life, discuss his travels and his upcoming bike tour, and help spread his message.  A slide show of his travels will be shown ad light refreshments will be served.

To learn more about Big Dave, visit www.davidhalesylvester.com.  To learn more about the City, its departments, programs and services, visit http://presqueislemaine.gov/ or call (207) 760-2722.