I received another great question the other day, but I’m not sure how to take it.  The question is ‘why did you become a deejay?’  Now, are they sincerely asking why, or are they pulling their hair out asking the Heavens ‘why, oh why, did you HAVE to become a deejay?’  I’ll go with the former. 


I’ve always loved music and when I was in about the 7th grade I started listening to the radio religiously.  I used to listen to a walkman (ask your parents) that I kept under my pillow when I went to bed at night, hoping to catch the ‘Phaser 5 Countdown’ with Vick St. John.  I liked that I didn’t know what the deejay looked like.  I liked the anonymity of the profession. 


Later, a buddy of mine who was a few years older got a job pushing buttons at a local station and they needed someone else so he got me a job.  I was hooked, at 15 years old.  Years went by and I worked at other stations in lots of formats and every timeslot.  Like everything the industry changed, but to effectively answer the question, for me it was all about the music.

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