It’s been a while since I answered an ‘Ask O’Brien’ question so today I thought I’d answer a couple.  Because these questions are anonymous I can tell you that one of them makes me question whether the person asking is truly a fan of classic rock.

Here’s question number one – “My father and I have been fighting over this for weeks; Who wrote Dream On? Was it Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin. I voted Aerosmith, and that Led Zeppelin did a cover. Who's right?” 

Well you’re right…and wrong.  ‘Dream On’ was a signature song for the ‘Boston Bad Boys’ of Aerosmith that was written by Steven Tyler and released on their debut album in 1973.  If Led Zeppelin ever did a cover of ‘Dream On’ then it’s a nicely kept secret because I’ve never heard it.

Question number two – “Why do skydivers wear helmets?”

Yup, it’s a real question.  I’m thinking they wear helmets so if by some chance they get caught up in the tethers of their chute and can’t land firmly on their feet then their head is protected.  I might suggest that the person that asked the first question wear a helmet to protect them from any flying fruit that may come their way from the average classic rock fan.

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