I get tough questions asked of me from time to time.  They're tough because my answer will be different than someone else.  Today's question is another subjective one.  "Who is the Most Influential Guitarist in Rock and Roll?"

Ask any rock guitarist who influenced them and they'll give you a myriad of artists who helped to shape their style and their sound.  There are a few that keep popping up in conversations so let's start there.

Edward Van Halen certainly gained notoriety for finger-tapping on the fretboard and built a career around his signature 'brown' sound.  But he was influenced by Eric Clapton who was influenced by Robert Johnson.  Although around the same time that Clapton emerged another guitarist was influencing everyone around him including 'Slowhand' himself. 


In my opinion, the most influential guitarist in Rock and Roll was Jimi Hendrix.

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