Today's question is a great one but tricky to answer.  'If you were not a dj, what profession would you be? Why?' Although I've been in radio broadcasting for 24 years and it's the only real job I've ever had, I only got into it because of my love for music.  I've been a songwriter/musician most of my life. 


Most people try for their dream job when they're young and then settle down.  I did it backwards.  My ultimate dream was to have a family,  so I did that first.  Since the singer/songwriter profession  lends itself to the term 'starving artist' it was a no-brainer to land a solid income and keep chipping away at the dream. 

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

All that being said, I'm also back in school to become an elementary school teacher.  I love kids and if I can't be making music or around music then working with children is a close second.  It probably doesn't sound very rock and roll but you asked.

What about you?  What's your dream profession?  Tell me on Facebook.