Winter is in full swing and the deep freeze is certainly on in Aroostook County with temperatures the last few days well below Zero.

Gary Marquis with the Caribou Parks & Recreation Department, has got this week’s Aroostook County snowmobile trail report for January 15, 2015.
Michael Smith/Getty Images

Overall the conditions are wonderful for the amount of white gold we have on the ground. The wet holes in the fields and woods are starting to button up, but there is still a few spots around the area that are stubborn. The Madawaska River on trail 89 in the Connor area is passable by sled but the groomer will not be crossing, thanks goes out to the pleasant ridge runners club they are willing to come down on the North side of the river. Eagle Lake is reporting that there section of the lake is marked. Slush has been reported on Long Lake near the country club side of the lake.

With the limited snow cover that we have on the ground right now, it is important that we stay on marked trails. There is a reason why potato farmers ask club to stay of crop ground. Stray snowmobilers going across fields will drive the frost deeper, so please stay on marked sections.

Many trails in the area are dual purpose trails meaning they are ATV in the summer and Snowmobile in the winter, but not every green ATV sign with an arrow means that is the same turn that we use in the winter. So please use caution when riding and you see ATV signs with an arrow pointing straight ahead and the snowmobile trail has a 90 degree turn.

Trail Info

ITS 85 ITS 85 groomed in its entirety, Ashland is reporting a logging op. in the Masardis area follow the signs. In the Winterville area there is a slight reroute use the Red River road not the Buggy Brook Road.

ITS 83 Groomed from North to South completely

ITS 81 this trail is groomed all the way with a 3 mile section in the Grand Isle area that is plowed.

ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.

ITS 90 this trail has been opened completely except for the Caribou area between ITS 83/90 Intersections to trail 88, from 88/90 to Portage the trail is good.

ITS 88 The section that is the old CP rail line is still a little rough but Presque Isle will try to do something with it, so use caution. The rest of 88 is open and in good shape.

ITS 86 this trail has been opened and on the Oxbow area needs a little bit more snow but it is ride able.

ITS 105 Groomed completely, Van Buren will be out marking and signing there section so if you see them out lend them a hand.

ITS 120 Also known as the Deboullie trail this trail is open and in great shape, enjoy the views

RT. 89 Now open to Dubay pit road, the Madawaska River is safe to cross, Pleasant Ridge Runners will come down to the river for Caribou.

RT. 100 The new 100 has been open and groomed not the old 100 has also been groomed

Easton has been out over there whole system and a few water holes but they are marked

Trail 96 in the soldier pond area has a beaver pond but you can go around.

Chapman Ridge Runners is all good, logging on 105S about two miles south of the clubhouse

On the Social Side:

Friday night chicken stew at the Presque Isle clubhouse 5-7 pm

Washburn Trail runners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7-2pm Sunday 7-12pm at the clubhouse

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals…home cooked meals… stop by off ITS 92 10am-9pm.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse on the Wiley road 6-9.
January 18th Radar run on Portage Lake, reg starts at 9am.
January 24 & 25 Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby.
January 25th Snowmobile Drag race in Caribou.
January 31st chicken stew & ployes & bake sale at the Madawaska clubhouse from 11-2, deliveries will be provided to the mill.
Steak supper January 31st at the Senior Citizens Center in Fort Kent, Sponsored by the Fort Kent Snoriders Snowmobile club. 3-8 Live Music, more info at