Gauvin Scholars, and strategic partners of Aroostook Aspirations celebrated 'Aroostook Aspirations Day' in Presque Isle Saturday to recognize the achievements of many graduates in Aroostook.


“These Scholars are both historic and symbolic. As the first class of Gauvin Scholars, many of us will watch with anticipation to see what their futures hold” said Sandy Gauvin, co-founder of the Aroostook Aspirations Initiative. “The kids are our future. With the tremendous amount of out migration over the past two decades, our workforce is now below sustainable levels. Our goal is to help kids go on to college and give our young people the training they need to find success in Aroostook.”

PenAir presented each Scholar with a round-trip airfare ticket to anywhere PenAir flies on the East Coast.

Shoppers at the mall enjoyed booths with interactive games, door prizes, freebies, and information about the amazing programs in Aroostook.