This entire blog post is just going to be tons of yelling about why no one told me Biscuits & Company exists. BISCUITS should have a national holiday dedicated to their buttery, crumbly deliciousness and Biscuits & Company should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for their great work in the field of Biscuits. And I haven't even eaten there yet!

Nothing compares to the food porn you're about to scroll through. Biscuits & Company's website welcomes you with this simple statement:

Located in downtown Biddeford, Biscuits & Company serves outrageous biscuit sandwiches and baked goods made with Maine Grown Grains and locally sourced ingredients.

OUTRAGEOUS is exactly how I would describe these biscuit sandwiches with filling options like thick cut bacon, Pineland Farms cheddar, and of course, eggs from Nellie's. When you depart from the traditional breakfast sandwich offerings, you dive into some banana-pants treats like Moxie BBQ Pulled Pork, sausage or mushroom gravy, pan seared salmon, and chicken salad.

I'm not sure who is behind the kitchen sorcery at Biscuits & Company but whoever is whipping up this dishes should be awards an honorary degree of deliciousness from whatever culinary school churns out the best biscuit bakers.

Thank you, Instagram, for giving me the worst case of food envy I've encountered since the first food photo was posted on social media.