Whether it's cruisin' Main Street, dressing up for a date or just going to dinner, the generation called 'Millennials' just aren't diggin' that kind of lifestyle like we did.

It looks like if you're a Baby Boomer, then you've been outnumbered. By Millennials, that is. It seems that the things many youngsters dug growing up just aren't moving the dial of those in the Millennial genre.

Here are 5 things that Millennials are proving that they can do without.


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    No Landline

    Many Millennials have cut the cord in their communications. However, many of them are glued to their mobile device. To include, but not limited to the shower, work and next to their bed at night.

    Matt Cardy, Getty Images
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    Cruisin' Cars

    According to one report, the percentage of young adults who have driver's licenses have gone way down. When many of us were young, we couldn't wait to earn that much-coveted driver's license. Not so much with Millennials.

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    Home Ownership

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    This may be no surprise, especially with all of the immorality of those in Hollywood and how they live. Nearly half of Baby Boomers were married before they were 30, whereas only 21-percent of 20-something Millennials have legally tied the knot.

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    Taking A Sack Lunch To Work

    One consumer report found that Millennials are bringing in big business to fast food chains and sub-sandwich industries. The last time they brought a sandwich to work may have been when mom packed it. :)