Hunters from around Aroostook County have been out and about as of late, trying to bag the big one. How are hunters fairing?
According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, a mid-week snowfall left two to three inches of snow on the ground in most of the Aroostook region, and deer hunters in the area are doing well.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

IFW wildlife biologist Rich Hoppe said, “Registration stations are having one of their better years up here. We may not be seeing the number of hunters that we have seen in years past, but the deer hunters up here are quite content, and the deer population still seems to be on the upswing.”

Hoppe expects the good hunting to continue, with the recent snow, and the deer beginning to move with the onset of the rut this past week.
Hoppe says he has seen quite a few crotch-horns and spike horns from hunters who have been hunting along the edges of fields and roads. He’s checked larger deer, and those are coming from hunters who are getting off the roads and deeper into the woods.
Bird season goes till the end of December and bird hunters are still finding success along hedgerows in the woods. There’s still fruit on many trees, and birds seem to be all over the place. “We’ve had a very good bird year as well,” said Hoppe.
How are you making out this hunting season?