The State Fire Marshal’s Office says a 17 year old boy has been charged with arson following three fires in Baileyville, in Washington County.

The teenager from nearby Indian Township is scheduled to make his first court appearance court next week. Investigators say two vacant buildings on Mill Street, owned by Woodland Pulp and Paper Co, were heavily damaged by fire last week, said police.

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In addition a nearby resident reported the same night that the teen also stole mail from their home and then set the mail on fire, alongside of a road, according to police. The buildings damaged were a storage building and a two bay garage. The fires were on August 25.

According to police, last Friday, four Fire Marshal Investigators and Indian Township Police arrested the teen in Indian Township. When officers approached the boy on his bicycle, he ran off into the woods and then threatened them with a knife. Investigators drew their guns and the boy dropped the knife. He was taken into custody after a struggle with the officers and was transported to the Charleston Correctional Facility, where he continues to be held

He faces charges of arson, criminal threatening and aggravated criminal mischief. Because of his age, the teen’s name is not public until he appears in court, police said.